• Clarity of Expression

    Eric F. · Sep 06, 2012

    All stories have a central theme or focus, and what makes a story good is how all its details work together to illustrate that point. We're losing our focus as a species.

  • Ghost of Christianity Past

    Joyce Y. · Jun 20, 2012

    Today, I was visited by my Ghost of Christianity Past. She was a 20- or 30-something Asian girl. Even I can’t tell sometimes. Glasses. Chubby. She was with her white boyfriend - kind of ginger.

  • Life As a Graph: It's All Coping Skills

    Eric F. · Jun 20, 2012

    Sometimes the longest path is the most rewarding

  • Be Yourself...

    Muhammad M. · Feb 22, 2013

    Don't try to connect yourself or to force yourself to be part of what is perceived as cool, exquisite and elite...You're the only version of you that is out there, being yourself will give you credibility,...

  • You Can't Fake Cool

    Johnson S. · Sep 26, 2012

    When I was about five or six years old bicycles were transitioning from banana seated three speed cruisers to sleek ten speed whizbangs. I remember playing in my front yard one afternoon when an older...

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    Your First Kiss

    4th grade. In the tunnels (cement culverts) on the playground...had a crush on Tom Green and so did my friend Laura. He sat in the middle and kissed each of our hands and gave us each a ring. Mine was blue and Laura's was GREEN (as in Tom Green) , so I knew he liked her more. That's it, and that was...

    Martha M.
    Elder (Over 100 Rounds) · Rockford, Illinois
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    First Job, Worst Job, Dream Job

    First Job:  Busboy at a pizza place.  $3.65/hour.  No breaks, regardless of how long my shift ended up lasting.
    Worst Job:  Industrial rework.  Summer job before college, which involved going through boxes and boxes of returned shipments of pill bottle caps.  Thousands and...

    Rich S.
    Joined January 21, 2014
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    Describe a Love Story From Your Youth

    I shall begin this with the end; he broke my heart.  It is hard to say what draws us to certain people; the way they look, or move, or smell, gestures, things they say, or don't say, I am not really sure.   I don't even remember ever noticing Christopher until the first day back from summer...

    Anne A.
    Elder (Over 100 Rounds) · Springfield, Missouri
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    Describe a Love Story From Your Youth

    My story spans about a decade of my young life. Looking back, it is a comical collection of mishaps, near misses and inaction. 
    In 2nd or 3rd grade Jenny and I were 'married'. We lived in the same neighborhood. We both attended the Y after school program. We were quite the item. Of course...

    Johnson S.
    Top 100 Player · Phuket
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    A Way With Words

    When I was in college my roomate's mother was visiting our room and catching her daughter up on all the gossip. They were talking about a girl from her high school class and the mother said "She just wrapped her car around a tree". 
    I popped in with "She must be strong". They both gave me a dirty...

    Sylvia P.
    Elder (Over 100 Rounds) · Danville, Indiana