About The Story

OneUpMe.com is an online congregation and collaborative outlet for creative contemplation. We are a community of the clever and competitive and a contest platform for collective conversation. We also enjoy alliteration and other wordplay.

The Backstory

While filming a movie in 2006, actor Jesse Eisenberg had an idea for a simple wordplay game where people could respond to a daily prompt in an attempt to "one-up" each other in the cleverness of their response. But alas, as he knew little about the Internet, he turned to his first cousin, Eric Fisher, for help. The original site launched in early 2007 and ran until mid-2008 when Eric closed it to go work at Apple.

Jesse on CBS Morning News, February 2011, mentioning She's like Ketchup

Jesse on Yahoo! Scene, June 2011, mentioning She's like the Autobahn

But when Eric started working at Facebook at the beginning of 2010, he realized the site could be so much more meaningful than that of a single word game and anonymous users. So he redesigned and relaunched the site, using Facebook as its only sign-up process and coinciding with the release of The Social Network, in which Jesse starred.

The new site saw much more success than its previous version, as people from around the world came to play the games and meet one another, resulting in deep new friendships and many "1UpMeets".

Towards the end of 2011, Eric then shifted focus to build a much grander, generalized social platform that could power OneUpMe and other niche communities. Nowadays, OneUpMe.com is now owned by Voxle, Inc., Eric's broader company and is built with its proprietary social platform.


About Eric

Eric Fisher
Founder / Product + Design

Eric defines the product vision and user experience, having previously worked at Facebook, Google and Apple in addition to building a number of his own web projects, including the first few versions of OneUpMe and Foundation™. He wrote the social design guidelines, gives talks and devises more theories explained on his personal website.

Thanks to the handful of people who fuel the community, contribute clever and creative content and provide valuable feedback and support. Without them, the site experience would be as dry as Jesse's humor.

Interested in Joining? We're looking for passionate people to help us expand. If you like communities, social design, social games, want to help people find new friends on the Internet and have a background in engineering or design, let us know! (don't be shy).